Launch of Canary Press Issue #5



So happy to have my new story about a vegetarian butcher called “Coop” in the new edition of Canary Press #5.



Mr Potato

Miss Beardall was shaped like an apple and smelled of Lux soap and talcum powder. I couldn’t get enough of her. I followed her around when she had yard duty. At lunchtime I would watch her through the window of the staff room smoking cigarettes with another teacher who was pear shaped.

Miss Beardall was the only person who appreciated how much I liked potatoes. Everything I learnt from her had a vague reference to potatoes.

She made a point of introducing me to other vegetables. She brought a whole bunch of them in a basket every week. Everybody got to sample a fruit or a vegetable they had never tried before. I remember the first time I tasted my first mango , and my taste buds just went bonkers. I had mango all over my face.

‘You are a fruit,’ she said.


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One Response to “Launch of Canary Press Issue #5”

  1. Greg Wilson Says:

    Good one.

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