Published under someone else’s name is still published

this is the first cartoon or cryptograph that i got published, i think in 1999.  i was pretty happy that it was accepted for publication by Cordite for their third edition – but then when i got a copy in the mail, they had mispelled 3 letters in my name.

i kept thinking about breakfast of champions, that book by kurt vonnegut and the characters dwayne hoobler (eric dando) and wayne hoover (evan dando).

i got it published in the melbourne uni literary magazine called Aedon, shortly after that. when i gave it to the Aedon magazine, one of the editors said, ‘oh look, eric’s done a cryptograph!’

my friend morgan made a little flash cartoon from x=incorrect a year or so after that:

One Response to “Published under someone else’s name is still published”

  1. dude that is fruity as fuck. piss funny too.

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