Sleepers Almanac X

Come and celebrate the Sleepers Almanac X

Thursday October 1, 2015: Trades Hall, Bella Union

with readings from Eric Yoshiaki Dando, Julie Koh, Melissa Howard and Stephanie Barham.

Featuring Oslo Davis.

Really excited (but also a bit sad) about this last short story anthology from Sleepers Publishing. It just wont be the same without the Sleepers Almanac.

My new story Space Monkeys Drink Tang! will be my seventh piece of fiction they have published over the years.

Here is a small taste:



Sometimes we would just go and hang in the little cafe opposite Camberwell Market and there would be these little terrariums on each table and we would stare at the miniature figures inside while we waited for our coffee.

Inside each microcosm the little people would be frozen in perfect moments — like running towards each other while deeply in love or fixing a tyre together on a tiny bicycle in a terrible fog or climbing up a mossy hill to have a romantic picnic on the other side in the beautiful sunshine with nobody else around for miles and miles.

I stared deep into the glass and before long I saw the future, and I forgot what we were talking about.

I was a world away.

When I looked up she was staring at me blankly.

I wasn’t sure if she had asked me a question or not.

‘That’s easy,’ I said, pointing at the terrarium. ‘I can do that. All I have to do is find out where they get all these little people from.’

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