The Novel Teacher. A new eBook novella available on Smashwords


Download a copy of The Novel Teacher here:

View a sample here:

Read an illustrated essay here:


7 Responses to “The Novel Teacher. A new eBook novella available on Smashwords”

  1. squibbly Says:

    Very funny, really enjoyed, think I actually guffawed – still looking for a copy of Snail

  2. Thanks, I just found a copy of snail for $17 at Clunes Book Town, but I have to give it to my mum.

  3. squibbly Says:

    Does your mum *really* need it?

    • yeah, i gave her other copy to someone else to read and never got it back. i’ve donated heaps of them to the library though, so you can just get your local library to order it in for you.

      • squibbly Says:

        I would not really ask for your mum’s copy. But I will pay 3 x what you paid if she ever wants to sell it *plus* postage. I can also make a badge if she wants a badge
        My local library is in Scotland

  4. Yeah, I don’t think they would send it to Scotland. I am still working on the eBook of snail, which will be cheaper than the ones available on eBay. Thanks for reading!

  5. Afternoon Eric,

    My name’s Jeremy, I’m the editor of a new Melbourne arts/culture mag. Trying to get in contact with you! Please contact me at Would greatly appreciate it.

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