Beautiful Useful Things


Holographic Lollypop Factory

When I get home Yarra’s van is outside. They are sitting in the kitchen covered in purple, sucking on lollypops. Yarra takes one out of her mouth and shows me. There is a 3D picture of a spiral inside the lollypop. It’s amazing and they made them in the shed from a kit that they bought on the internet.

Yarra and Jasmine now own the Australian rights for Holographic Lollypops.  They are making them for all the dance festivals in summer.  They have converted the bungalow into a Holographic Lollypop factory. They haven’t quite worked out the recipe yet because only a few of the lollypops have worked so far.

Some of the holograms are pretty cool. I keep asking Yarra how she makes them, but it is a secret. There is a laser though, Jasmine told me that much.

They only have one flavour at the moment, which is grape. They are waiting for more flavours to arrive from America. The grape holographic lollypops turn your mouth and tongue purple for a very long time. I like the smell, it smells the way a lollypop factory is supposed to smell.

‘Look,’ Jasmine says, holding up one of the lollypops, ‘it’s like a magic eye — keep looking in deep focus and you can see the future.’


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