Decapitated budgerigars and holographic lollipops


“It is exciting to play with what GDS has on its scroll-down menu. The issue opens with a video of illustrator Jessica McCausland at work on drawing the (online) cover, followed by sketches of her early designs for the commission. Image and text are also brought together in Eric Yoshiaki Dando’s fragmentary stories Beautiful Useful Things, where tender and human stories from a prison horticulture program are interspersed with the author’s drawings of decapitated budgerigars and holographic lollipops. It’s that kind of piece.”

Fiona Wright, The Australian

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“Eric Yoshiaki Dando’s new story Beautiful Useful Things is just one of the best long-form short stories I can remember reading. Told in small subtitled fragments, and interspersed with simple ink drawings by the author, it’s based (I imagine) on his experience managing criminals and ex-cons in a community gardening project. The observations are so right, the characters so spot-on. It’s hysterical and wrong and substantial in equal measure.” 

Geoff Lemon, Going Down Swinging

The new digital Going Down Swinging was launched at the Builders Arms on Friday June 17. Including performances and readings from Sean Whelan and the Interim Lovers, Eric Yoshiaki Dando, Ruby J Murray, and Geoff Lemon.

Buy a copy of Going Down Swinging #31 ($5) HERE:

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