Thousands and thousands of dead cats

Dee likes to talk about interesting documentaries he has seen on The Discovery Channel.  He’s very interested in Egypt. He knows a lot about it. More than me, but of course I know nothing, I get all my information about ancient Egypt from Dee.

So Dee tells me everything he knows — he really spills the beans on those cats in ancient Egypt.

And then I remember something I know from a documentary and I interrupt Dee to tell him all about these stupid Englishmen that broke into a tomb in the hope of finding treasure but only found thousand and thousands of mummified cats wrapped up in cloth like little mummies. And the Englishmen were angry because the cats were not popular with the museums or with collectors. So they ground them all up in an old mill and turned them into fertiliser for English farmers. It was the only way they could make money out of them. It was very humiliating for them. They were ridiculed in the scientific world, they were clowns.


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