Good Place for a Handout

Sometimes it’s just me and Jay working for the whole morning or the whole day and nobody else turns up. Jay talks about himself more when he is the only one here. He asks me more questions about the how it was Back In The Day in the 80’s. I end up just talking about The Love Boat and Hart to Hart and other shows that were on TV. I tell him about The Six Million Dollar Man. About how strong he was and all of the slow motion. I tell him how much things cost back then, I show him with my hands how many hot chips, how many mixed lollies you could buy with $1 Back In The Day.

Jay keeps repeating things like ‘all up in my grill’ and ‘fo’ shizzle my nizzle’ and other phrases and words he has borrowed from American TV. I think I know what he means most of the time. Jay is the first real person that I know to use ‘all up in my grill’ in a proper sentence without any trace of irony. Because his mother in law had got all up in his grill over his music again.

‘Well if you are fronting,’ he told her, ‘then I am going to bring it,’ he explained.

‘What does that mean?’ I say to Jay, ‘What is it that you are going to bring?’ I really want to know what Jay has to contribute.


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