Oink Oink Oink – a savage modern download

“My grandfathers were sent to kill each other in the early 1940s.  My father’s father was told that the Japanese were pagan, bloodthirsty cowards, while my mother’s father was told that the western enemy were pompous and ridiculously over-sophisticated.  Everybody deserved to die — it became clear that they all had a moral and sacred duty to kill each other…”

‘This black little fable begins with one of the best opening sentences I’ve seen lately, something that could sum up an entire generation’s understanding of 20th-century world history.’—Sydney Morning Herald

‘This book is a Surrealist novel in much the same way as the underlining horror of Pop-art was to America in the mid 60s. It is post modern, premodern, and most modern in everything its about .   The funniest novel I’ve ever read. ‘ — PiO, World Famous Poet

Available now from Smashwords and Eric Yoshiaki Dando: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/57294


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