input / output

i took all of my zines to polyester books. i made $12.30. i think they are ripping me off. sold out of  correct. nobody is buying nothing poems. chris said i could put some in his record shop. have to go back to office works. need to photcopy more kindergarten and tell pitiful story. last time i went to office works i nearly killed that guy except i didn’t say anything, i killed him just by looking at him.

he didn’t care.

heard tori amos or patti smith talking on radio national or 3rrr about “empty periods” instead of “dry periods”. how we should all just brainwash ourselves to think like that and we would be happier.

‘just switch to imput mode instead of output mode,’ she says.

‘go to the gym,” she says.


One Response to “input / output”

  1. ooh i like the idea of switching to input mode. i have to remind myself to do that more often.

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