Red Leaves

Email editors Kirk Marshall and Yasuhiro Horiuchi at to indicate your interest for securing a copy of Australia’s (and the world’s!) first English-language / Japanese bi-lingual literary journal. Red Leaves #001 costs AUD $19.95, and it spans a glorious 300+ pages of new, original and bi-lingual fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and manga.

Red Leaves #001 features new creative contributions from Ivy Alvarez, Tokihiko Araki, Jeremy Balius, Liberty Browne, Michelle Cahill, Ashley Capes, Anne M. Carson, Christopher Currie, Eric Yoshiaki Dando, David F. Hoenigman, Nicholas Hogg, Patrick Holland, Yasuhiro Horiuchi (a.k.a. Yas5000), Amy Jackson, Travis Jeppesen, Jayne Fenton Keane, Toby Litt, Kirk Marshall, Christina McCallum, Keiji Minato, Asami Nishimura, Graham Nunn, Mandy Ord, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Nathaniel Rich, Kuniharu Shimizu, Kenji Siratori, Ian C. Smith, Hirofumi Sugimoto, Sunny Suh and Iris Yamashita.

“Eric Yoshiaki Dando’s English-language contribution — a lengthy extract from an early draft manuscript for his second novel, “Oink, Oink, Oink” — is amazing; our professional native-Japanese translators, Sunny Suh and Asami Nishimura, have rendered the humour, poetry, subversive linguistics and Eric’s minimalist literary approach to conveying loaded meanings in a vital and powerful way. My Tokyo-based co-editor, the Japanese screenwriter Yasuhiro Horiuchi, was BLOWN AWAY — by the potency of Eric’s original contribution, and the versatility of the Japanese translation. You all gotta read this. ORDER A COPY NOW!”
FROM THE EDITOR, Kirk A.C. Marshall


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