Fragment of new story : Fish Club (it was just like fight club except with fish)

The Dick and Balls Seed Company

We are all in the kitchen, laughing at some of the carrots. One of the carrots is in the shape of a huge dick and balls. One of the carrots has tied itself into an impossible knot. One of the carrots looks like a little man, complete with a tiny penis. One of the carrots stands freely on the kitchen table like a tripod. There are other perfectly formed, pristine carrots, quite satisfactory but unremarkable specimens, crowded into a basket on the sink.

Tonka says that it was an early bolting variety called Dragon Gold, that had cross pollinated with another variety that he had bought from Bunnings called Early Crop F1. ‘Who knows what the seed should be called now,’ he says. ‘Maybe we should just dump it all in the worm farm and be rid of it forever.’

Jasmine grabs the carrot that looks like a big dick and balls and jams it between her legs. ‘Come here baby,’ she says making a grab for Tonka, who shrieks like a lady and runs into the laundry.


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